Legend of Atlantis - DVD 1-9 Collector's Edition
  • Legend of Atlantis - DVD 1-9 Collector's Edition

Legend of Atlantis - DVD 1-9 Collector's Edition

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The Legend of Atlantis - over the length of 9 DVDs

This series was filmed in Tasmania as a Spielfilm documentary based on the ELIA Atlantis Library book and first book of the same name.


The series is the predecessor of the popular Anchiend Alliens series, it merges pre-astronautics, UFOIogy, and Atlantean mythology.

The context of which is that ATLANTIS was a legendary civilization of an extra-terrestrial colony on earth that was thousands of years ahead of the rest of the world.

The legendary continent was an island that the Egyptians described as the Ark of the Covenant of the gods, whose origin the aristocracies of the gods of the world descended.

The indications in the Temple of Karnak that the island was under Eternal Ice, long ago was a supercontinent, suggests that Antarctica hides an extra-terrestrial civilization under the ice.

The series shows the race to decipher the Ark of the Covenant of Atlantis... the Nazzi with the Western world. The restoration of the technology of the gods (UFO). The deciphering of the Gods' Ancestral Heritage of the Sacred Bloodlines of Aces and Ahrlanes in the Kelto-Germanic Secret Doctrine and Their Roots in an Extraterrestrial Pyramid of Gods and Hierarchy.

The Lost Sun Grail, a Sun Temple, and a Hierarchy of Temple Guardians who had the mission to protect the Rhine Bloodlines of the Gods Aristocracies.

Were the Nazi disciples of Druidic Temple Guardians? Did the deciphering of Atlantis secret knowledge play a legacy of the Templars and Cathars?

Were the Ahrsener (Essener) an heir of the Äsen from Atlantis who, together with secret societies, gave Ahnenerbe the order to decipher the Ark of the Covenant of Atlantis and the starseed?

ELIA's real research has hollowed out the past, and UFO research knows about the Hidden Nordic Star Race at the South Pole, which led mankind and its temples through time ... so also Schönborn and the task to preserve the blond Ahrlesian families, which are about to be expelled as blood of the gods...

Admiral Byrd and the US Navy Battle at the South Pole in 1947 showed the truth when he proclaimed in Argentina...We are dealing with an enemy who flies from pool to pool in 5 minutes...

The beginning of Modern UFO research was the arrival of the Elder Extraterrestrial Culture of an Immortal Race of Gods at the South Pole, the Atlantis of prehistoric times....

The state of Poseidon was only a temple city of... Altanis, the true star civilization never perished...

The series Opens the eyes ... Under...

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