UFO "Miracle of the Unknow" DVDs 1 - 4
  • UFO "Miracle of the Unknow" DVDs 1 - 4

UFO "Miracle of the Unknow" DVDs 1 - 4

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UFO - Secrets of the Third Reich 4 DVD´s Set

UFO - From Legend to Reality (DVD Part I) A video documentation with sensational photographs. Is there life in the universe? Were the gods astronauts? Which signs hint that UFOs existed through all ages? Scientists report on the latest research results etc. Pyramids and sphinx on Mars? Sensational UFO photograps!

UFO - Top Secret (DVD Part II) Factual documentation on video about the strictest observance of secrecy in this century. UFOs in the nuclear age - 1948: The US Air Force's UFO project - 1953: CIA and the observance of secrect policy - An educational program - Top Secret. Incredible revelations - UFOs on the radar screen - Magnet deviations - Reports from Soviet air force pilots - Civil airline pilots saw UFOs - Encounter a British policeman with an extraterrestrial during a patrol - Official photographs of the Brazilian Navy - The UFO crash syndrome - members of the US Air Force recover a crashed strange disc. The first photos of a dead E.T. - project 'Majestic 12'

UFO - Contact as Chance for Mankind (DVD Part III) A video documentation with esoteric background, in which metaphysics, religion and science are transformed. The preparation was something incredible. May 7, 1989 The South African airforce discovers a crashed flying object. Were two E.T.s recovered alive? UFOs: What's their intention?

UFO - Secrets of the Third Reich (DVD Part IV) Can we exclude an extraterrestrian contact at that time? One of the last large secrets of our century is the occult past of the Third Reich and its secret societies Templer, Thule, Vril and the 'Lords of the Black Sus - SS'. An integrated technology that derived from occult secret knowledge - i.e. anti-gravitation driven round planes (UFO) with the code names Vril and Haunebu (V7) - has never been made available to the public under the cover of military secrecy by the allied victorious powers.

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